Sunday, July 19, 2009


Or whatever the new buzz word is for getting things off my chest.
Here goes..I made a quick stop at the local grocery this evening to pick up some ice cream. There were two checkout lines open, one that no one wanted to get in (#2) because apparently the shopper was buying a months worth of groceries and by the time I got to the checkout lines the cart was still overflowing, soooo, along with five or six others with one or two items I got into the other line (#1). A moment later a new checker walked by and said. "The next person in line come to #3." They did and since I was right there I took one step and got in line behind them. Well.. the couple formerly in front of me decided that I was rude and mentioned it loud enough for most to hear. I turned the other cheek and played deaf, felt the daggers of resentment, but after all what gave them the right to that place in line. They got behind me (infront of the people they were formerly behind BTW). As I left the store I had my best mature woman attitude on, and of course as I drove past the entrance, who should be exiting? I always stop for folks but this couple was doing a little dance in the lot, were they going to cross or what? Finally I continued on my way and happened to hear through my open window the B word, obviously directed to moi! I refuse to let this petty hateful couple ruin my day, but it has been nagging at me, you know the "I should have saids"
If anyone has a published set of checkout line rules let me know, I'll be sure to carry a copy.

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