Sunday, July 19, 2009

20 Things About Me

1. I'm a procrastinator
2. I've wanted to get started blogging for a long time.
3. I am a frustrated artist, can't seem to get started.
4. I'm 55, today I feel really old, most days I forget that I'm supposed to be "mature"
5. Been married to my best friend/ husband for 37 years.
6. Coffee is my beverage of choice, strong coffee, preferably a double shot americano with lots and lots of cream, but will settle for strong brewed with half and half.
7. I have given birth to 6 children, most of whom are adults and 2 have children of their own.
8. I love my grandchildren and enjoy their overnight visits but am not ashamed to say I love sending them home.
9. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years and still love, love, love it.
10. I've lived in 4 different states, 9 cities/towns, twelve homes, and owned 2.
11. I love to drive, especially in my SUV, Road em. Especially in the fall.
12. I love to stay home in the summer and chill on the deck with a glass of wine. I guess this is the new "Staycation"
13. I quilt, well, I attempt to quilt. What I do looks great to those that don't quilt.
14. We've got chickens 18 to be exact. I enjoy watching them they are very amusing but don't ask me to hold them.
15. Every day calls for a little chocolate, need I say more?
16. I try daily to seek the Lord's will.
17. For years I've wanted to learn to fly, only stopped by the $$$$ lessons and rental fees!
18. I love being this close to the end of a to do list.
19. I'll probably think of more me stuff after I post
20. I'm glad I'm done!

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